Swertres Result Today

Swertres Result — The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Swertres 3D  Result and hearing for today 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM. The Swertres result live draw is here you should check it out.

Are you one of the PCSO 3D lotto winners for Today? Congratulations!

Swertres Result 2PM, 5PM and 9PM

Draw Time December 3Winning Numbers
(In Actual Order)
2:00 PM5-9-0
5:00 PM0-8-1
9:00 PM1-4-1

PCSO Swertres Result 9 PM

This is the main and most play lotto by the people of the Philippines. They used to paly Swertres Result 9 PM result in order to others. Here is the result for 9 PM also you can find. The given above is three times result of Swertres 3D.

STL Swertres Result History

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) announces the Swertres 3D result today nationwide at 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM draws. The Swertres or 3D Lotto draws are held every day from Monday to Sunday. The main thing is here people got manipulated by ticket sellers that STL and Swertres are both the same game which is totally wrong. There is a big difference between both lottery games.STL is Small Town Lottery and Swertres is actually a 3D lotto game that is held the same as STL three times a day. The Difference between both games is Time. They held on different times and regions.

Main Games Jackpot Prizes

PCSO Swertres Result Today 9PM
Swertres Result

There are some main games by PCSO Lotto played and their prizes are much more than our thoughts. You should also try these lotto games from PCSO to play. The prizes for lotto tickets are not that much expensive.

The given are the list of Major Lotto Draw and their Jackpot Prizes:

Major Lotto Draw Jackpot Prize
6/58 Ultra Lotto Php 52 Million+
6/55 Grand Lotto Php 74 Million+
6/49 Super Lotto Php 38 Million+
6/45 Mega Lotto Php 8.9 Million+
6/42 Lotto Php 72 Million+

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How to claim the Swertres prize?

You may claim the prizes at the following locations:

  • Mindanao
  • Luzon
  • Visayas
  • Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office.
Amount Where to claim Swertres Prize?
Php 20.00 up to Php 10,000.00 Authorized PCSO outlet near you
Php 10,000.00 up to Php 300,000.00 PCSO Branch near you
Jackpot Prize PCSO Main Office located at Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

These are the places where you can claim you won the jackpot and Swertres 3D lotto prizes. You need to go with the lotto ticket and its winning number and grab the prize.

How to play the PCSO Swertres Result Lotto?

Swertres or 3D Lotto is a fixed-payout PCSO game that utilizes three-chambered diamonds to decide the three (3) winning numbers in a definite request. It is named one of the most famous digit games by PCSO accumulating tremendous after all around the country. It is drawn three (3) times every day from Monday to Sunday at the above-expressed timeslot.

  • The player must select the three (3) numbers from Zero (0) to Nine (9).
  • The player may opt to play via Lucky Pick (LP) shall he wants the system to automatically choose the numbers.
  • In standard play, the player wins Php 4,500.00 if he got all the 3D winning numbers in exact order.
  • The player can also play the Rambolito wherein the system generates permutation and possible combination of the chosen numbers. Below are the prizes:
  • The PCSO Swertres result today is aired via PCSO official channels and likewise posted on this website.

PCSO Swertres Result Playing Instruction

  • The face mask is very compulsory before going to bet because of Covid-19.
  • There must be at a distance of 40 inches away from one another. Social Distance is also important.
  • You must have your own writing equipment.
  • Wash your hand wisely for 30-40 seconds before betting.
  • Use trash has been and avoids throwing play cards openly.
  • While going back to your home, you must wash your hands.
  • Always keep in mind that betting will not give you a profit.
  • Avoid using bad language at the betting place.

 SWERTRES/3D Result Updates

Is it accurate to say that you are one of the SWERTRES winners today? On the off chance that on the off chance that, congrats!

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To get opportune updates on SWERTRES draw results, allude to PCSO official site or follow them on their Facebook pages through PCSO Cebu Branch and One Mindanao SWERTRES Draw.